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How To Test RADIUS Response Time

Slow internet connectivity is a bane for any organization, whether end-users or customers. It affects productivity as people may need help to use resources, access files and tools for work, etc. It can also affect their customer service as there could be delays in raising tickets, loading websites, etc. However, a slow internet connection could […]

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5 Cyberattacks Mitigated by 802.1X Wi-Fi

The complexity and severity of cyberattacks are rising, leading to potential ramifications such as compromised data security, monetary deficits, and harm to a firm’s reputation. Cyberattacks may manifest in multiple routes, from malicious software and computer viruses to phishing scams. A significant risk is hackers attacking the Wi-Fi networks and stealing sensitive data gained via […]

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802.1X Authentication With EAP-MD5 Is Insecure

In November 2022, the French data protection authority (CNIL) announced that it had issued a fine of over $600,000 against a French energy company (EDF). The findings stated that the energy company failed to handle customers’ data reliably. The regulator also found that user credentials were stored and protected with an MD5 hash declared cryptographically […]

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How to Add Identity Context to RADIUS Auth for ZTNA

Impersonating machines in the digital age is becoming very convenient. Hackers constantly employ these techniques to penetrate the defenses of business networks. Once inside their trusted gadgets, they can travel laterally across systems to steal encrypted data. Here’s a recent cyberattack reported by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), sanctioning […]

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