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TACACs vs RADIUS: Which is Better For You?

Organizations are looking at ways to protect their network as increased cyber attacks are infiltrating complex network systems. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence has also led to a steep rise in the number of complex attacks being attempted on organizational networks. It is becoming increasingly difficult for administrators to view the users and devices […]

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How to Configure a Jamf SCEP Profile for Passwordless Authentication

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) is a standard for certificate management. SCEP is predominantly used for certificate-based authentication. A Mobile device management (MDM) solution uses SCEP to push the payload that houses the SCEP URL and the shared secret to managed devices in the network.  The significant advantages of certificate-based authentication are: Jamf is a […]

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Breaking Down the 802.1X Protocol

The 802.1X protocol is a pivotal authentication protocol in network security that is widely used. Its foremost aim is to enhance the security of the network by transitioning from WPA2-PSK networks, which are deemed less secure due to their dependence on a solitary shared password, to the more dependable WPA2-Enterprise/802.1X standard. The implementation of this […]

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Types of WPA2 Authentication

Wireless encryption standards have developed to account for shifting network needs, emerging security threats, and discovered flaws in older encryption methods. WPA2-PSK/Personal and WPA2-ENT are the two variants of the WPA2 protocol that are in use today and provide different levels of security. WPA2 Enterprise uses IEEE 802.1X to deliver enterprise-grade authentication, and it was […]

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802.1X Authentication With EAP-MD5 Is Insecure

In November 2022, the French data protection authority (CNIL) announced that it had issued a fine of over $600,000 against a French energy company (EDF). The findings stated that the energy company failed to handle customers’ data reliably. The regulator also found that user credentials were stored and protected with an MD5 hash declared cryptographically […]

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Context-Aware Authentication with Cloud Radius

Forrester, an analyst firm’s report, suggests 80% of data breaches occur due to weak credentials. There were simpler days when data on a network was believed to be safe, but it is not so in the present. The stakes are higher now with more and more threat factors and Layer 2 attacks. Organizations are constantly […]

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