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Breaking Down the 802.1X Protocol

The 802.1X protocol is a pivotal authentication protocol in network security that is widely used. Its foremost aim is to enhance the security of the network by transitioning from WPA2-PSK networks, which are deemed less secure due to their dependence on a solitary shared password, to the more dependable WPA2-Enterprise/802.1X standard. The implementation of this […]

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Cloud-Based RADIUS Server with Azure Integration

Your IDP is vital to any Zero Trust Network Architecture. Learn how a cloud-based RADIUS server can integrate with your Azure.

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On Prem RADIUS Security Costs More than Cloud

Building on-prem RADIUS security has its benefits, but it can also be costly. Cloud-based RADIUS security offers a more affordable and secure alternative.

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Cloud RADIUS as a Microservice

Do RADIUS servers work on a microservice model? Does it compromise security? Is it more affordable? Learn about cloud RADIUS microservice here.

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Dynamic VLAN Assignment for Cloud RADIUS

VLAN assignment helps protect your network by segmenting users. Use this tool to enable your RADIUS to do it dynamically.

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LDAP Authentication In The Cloud

Due to the difficulties of on-prem LDAP, many IT admins are looking for cloud-hosted LDAP alternatives they can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at some of the options available.

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