Azure, Okta, and Google Driven Access Control

A World-Class security platform designed to be a seamless extension of your Identity Provider. Authenticate users and manage their certificates based on their real-time status. Cloud RADIUS is the industry’s only certificate-based authentication solution with Role-Based Access Control that works natively with cloud directories like Okta, Azure, and G-Suite.

Cloud RADIUS empowers you to automatically assign appropriate user and group policies at the moment of network authentication. Automate network access policies for Wi-Fi, VPN, Applications, Desktop Login, and much more. All you need to do is point Cloud RADIUS to your SAML or LDAP Identity Provider, and you’re off and running.

No More LDAP Dependence

Cloud RADIUS, powered by SecureW2, is the only cloud authentication platform that doesn’t rely on outdated LDAP and AD servers. While some providers say they work directly with your Cloud Identity, they all end up trying to sell you an LDAP server to speak between your application and your Identity Provider. Don’t settle for an outdated technology solution that will need to be replaced in a few years. Invest in the foundation to bring your security to the next generation.

Designed for Passwordless Certificate-Based Security

Cloud RADIUS is the only product in its class that was designed from the ground up for certificate-based authentication. Other vendors use insecure authentication protocols that expose users to MITM attacks by sending their credentials via Cleartext over the internet.

Cloud RADIUS is powered by SecureW2, so it comes with everything an organization needs to switch from WPA2-PSK Wi-Fi, to secure WPA2-Enterprise encrypted Wi-Fi using the EAP-TLS protocol for certificate-based authentication.

MDM Integration via Gateways for Corporate and IoT Devices

Cloud RADIUS comes built with SecureW2’s powerful PKI Services, a solution that configures and auto-enrolls managed devices for certificate-based authentication. Through industry-exclusive API Gateways, devices managed by an MDM (Jamf, Intune, Google Workspace, and others) can securely enroll themselves for machine and/or user certificates with no user interaction required. In one fell swoop, all your managed devices will be set up for certificate-based authentication for Wi-Fi, VPN, Applications, and more.

Includes Self-Service 802.1x Setup Software for All Operating Systems

If devices aren’t configured properly for RADIUS authentication, organizations are at high risk for credential theft. CloudRADIUS comes built with SecureW2’s #1 rated Device Onboarding Software, ensuring every device is properly configured for RADIUS authentication and enrolled for a certificate.

Doesn’t Send Passwords via Cleartext (EAP-TTLS/PAP)

Although information sent through the EAP Tunnel is protected by a layer of encryption, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. If a bad actor is able to spoof your access point, they can intercept the communication.Since TTLS/PAP does not encrypt data within the EAP tunnel, the information can be plainly read.

Other vendors still rely on this vulnerable method, but SecureW2 puts security first, and authenticates users with certificate-based EAP-TLS authentication.

Single-Pane AAA, Device Onboarding and Certificate Management Software

Cloud RADIUS is built-in SecureW2’s network security platform, giving full, single-pane visibility into all the authentication activity going on to the network. View RADIUS logs, WPA2-Enterprise device configuration history, and certificate enrollment and status all in real-time. Network admins can grant view-only permissions for any of these logs to help-desk personnel as well, empowering the entire IT team to remotely troubleshoot network connectivity issues on the spot.

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