Simple, Certificate-Based Radius Authentication

The only Cloud RADIUS solution that doesn’t rely on legacy protocols that leave your organization susceptible to credential theft.


Thousands of People Trust CloudRADIUS to Protect Their Network

Eliminate Risk of Over-the-Air Credential Theft

Other Cloud RADIUS vendors use legacy protocols that put your network at serious risk for credential theft. CloudRADIUS was designed from the ground-up for certificate-based authentication, and is powered by SecureW2’s Turnkey PKI Services that easily enroll and configure any device for certificates.

No More Disconnects Due to Password Changes

Reset policies are required every 1-3 months for passwords to remain an effective security mechanism. This can kicks users off of the network and is a terrible user experience. Certificates only need to be setup once, and can provide secure Wi-Fi for the life of the device.

802.1x Device Onboarding Software Included

If devices aren’t configured properly for RADIUS authentication, organizations are at high risk for credential theft. CloudRADIUS comes built with SecureW2’s #1 rated Device Onboarding Software, ensuring every device is properly configured for RADIUS authentication and enrolled for a certificate.

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