Multi-Tenant RADIUS for MSPs

The only Cloud RADIUS that allows MSPs to securely authenticate multiple customers with one server.

One RADIUS Service, Multiple Customers

  • Use one cloud-based RADIUS service to provide authentication capabilities for multiple client networks
  • Each client network and their resources are kept completely isolated
  • Offer powerful certificate-based authentication security to smaller customers
  • Single pane management interface for all customers

Groundbreaking Dynamic Policy Engine

  • Communicates directly with Azure, Okta, or Google at the moment of network authentication to enforce user and group policies.
  • Move beyond historic LDAP authentication with none of the risks associated with credential-based authentication.
  • Enhance certificate security by leveraging our Certificate Management Security (CMS) platform.

The Most Advanced RADIUS Ever

  • Blazing fast AMQP RADIUS Technology enables robust policy enforcement without compromising speeds
  • Highly secure cloud architecture coupled with certificate-based authentication ensures no sensitive user information is exposed during the authentication process
  • High availability servers with built-in redundancy available in locations across the globe for extraordinary RADIUS performance
  • Built with Turnkey PKI Services to easily issue and manage x.509 certificates for ultra-secure certificate-based network authentication

World-Class Security in the Cloud

  • Highly secure, ISO 27001 Certified, and designed from the ground up for the Cloud.
  • Certificates Stored in Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Never in Software
  • Advanced API Gateways and next-generation AI-driven anomaly detection
  • Industry-exclusive CertLockā„¢ Technology ensures certificates never leave their device.
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