Multi-Tenant RADIUS for MSPs

The only Cloud RADIUS that allows MSPs to securely authenticate multiple customers with one server.

One RADIUS Service, Multiple Customers

  • Use one cloud-based RADIUS service to provide authentication capabilities for multiple client networks
  • Each client network and their resources are kept completely isolated
  • Offer powerful certificate-based authentication security to smaller customers
  • Single pane management interface for all customers

Groundbreaking Dynamic Policy Engine

  • Communicates directly with Azure, Okta, or Google at the moment of network authentication to enforce user and group policies.
  • Move beyond historic LDAP authentication with none of the risks associated with credential-based authentication.
  • Enhance certificate security by leveraging our Certificate Management Security (CMS) platform.

The Most Advanced RADIUS Ever

  • Blazing fast AMQP RADIUS Technology enables robust policy enforcement without compromising speeds
  • Highly secure cloud architecture coupled with certificate-based authentication ensures no sensitive user information is exposed during the authentication process
  • High availability servers with built-in redundancy available in locations across the globe for extraordinary RADIUS performance
  • Built with Turnkey PKI Services to easily issue and manage x.509 certificates for ultra-secure certificate-based network authentication

World-Class Security in the Cloud

  • Highly secure, ISO 27001 Certified, and designed from the ground up for the Cloud.
  • Certificates Stored in Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Never in Software
  • Advanced API Gateways and next-generation AI-driven anomaly detection
  • Industry-exclusive CertLock™ Technology ensures certificates never leave their device.
“I came into the conversation with Cloud RADIUS thinking about security. But after seeing how easy it was to deploy, realized this is going to be not only more secure, but it'll be way easier”

Brent Mills, IT Manager, Instrument

While a lot of (PKI) providers had an Active Directory Integration, and some had Jamf, Cloud RADIUS was the only one that integrated with both, and integrated with my G-Suite.

Kassim Benhaddad, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Simply Business

CTA Background