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RADIUS security news and updates from the Cloud RADIUS team.

RADIUS as a Service (RaaS) without LDAP Dependency

Every month, hundreds of really smart IT and Security professionals reach out to us and ask us the same question: “How do I connect my Cloud Identity Provider (Azure, Okta, Google..etc) to my RADIUS Server?” Some people propose using LDAP as a means to connect their RADIUS Server to their Cloud Identity Provider. But this […]

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How to Add Identity Context to RADIUS Auth for ZTNA

Impersonating machines in the digital age is becoming very convenient. Hackers constantly employ these techniques to penetrate the defenses of business networks. Once inside their trusted gadgets, they can travel laterally across systems to steal encrypted data. Here’s a recent cyberattack reported by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), sanctioning […]

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Wifi Onboarding for Managed Devices

In 2022, a leading telecom company faced a data breach that cost almost $350MM in compensation to affected customers. Due to the constant threat of data and security breaches, there is an onus on companies to secure managed devices effectively to avoid violations. An effective form of authentication is necessary to ensure that there are […]

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IEEE 802.1X Authentication methods comparison

There were almost 1800 significant security breaches in 2021 as per a news report by CNET and this number only rose during 2022, making network security a critical requirement for enterprises. From personal information to infrastructure to key data, everything is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data compromise. Secure, fool-proof, and seamless authentication of end users […]

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2022 Security Analysis of PEAP-MSCHAPv2

The authentication protocol you use determines the strength of your organization’s security against the soaring number of cyberattacks these days. A protocol heavily dependent on passwords is always vulnerable to various cyberattacks. Even Microsoft Exchange has warned finance personnel to minimize the use of passwords as hackers easily target them during authentication for spray attacks. […]

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